Saturation Triptych Pedal – Standard Series (Blue)


The Standard Series, is the same circuit and electronic parts as the SES Series.

► Some may have very small cosmetic flaws.

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The Saturation Triptych is an excellent tool for elevating your guitar rig – this is far from your average pedal! Offering an amp like tone, open or compressed, depending on how you set it, it’s designed to unlock a spectrum of tonal power for your electric guitar.

This pedal features three distinct selections from the toggle switch: boost to mild overdrive, overdrive with fuzz, and distortion to many types of fuzz, delivering an amp-like tone that spans from the late 60s to today. The treble and bass knobs offer more than the standard with an innovative filtering function to give almost endless sculpting options. Offering pristine clarity to thick saturation, covering all genres of music “literally.” It also stacks well with other pedals!


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